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BASIC’s counselor training program is legendary in St. Louis. Well over 30 counselors have completed our training program and become certified counselors in Missouri. The training coordinator, Keturah Ibrahim, has over 35 years” experience in training and preparing counselors” for the certification test.


BASIC is the only comprehensive, evidence-based training program that gives professionals the skills needed to provide the most effective approach to treating clients with co-concurring substance use and mental health disorders, by taking into account the cultural context in which the use and misuse developed.

BASIC combines nest practices in substance use and mental health therapies. The interventions used throughout each of the 35 training modules include evidence-based therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, Twelve Step facilitation, and culturally specific counseling and understanding of PTSD. (Post Traumatic SLAVE Disorder)

Counselor trainees will learn all the competencies available to become a qualified counselor including core functions of counselors, and which counseling methods work best with different cultures.



To reduce the negative impact of alcohol and drug use, abuse and dependency in the Black Communities, families and individuals by providing or ensuring the delivery of quality chemical dependency and related services.

Chemical Dependency is a family illness, primary, progressive and pathological, love trust relationship with a mood-altering chemical. The chemical is used at the repeated expense of the user’s values and goals.  The illness can best be prevented diagnosed and treated if we take into account the cultural context in which the misuse or abuse occurred.


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